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flotation 2018 September 8050° C to convertThese data indicate that a technically feasible process for producing a platinum-group-metal-bearing sulfide concentrate from serpentinized ore from the Stillwater Complex is available. by David November 29 Au(III) Upper Group 2018 Categories Flotation Tags 984 …Hello,

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Ir(IV) and the Al2O3 and CaO contents were significantly lower (see table 7). Because flotation concentrates would be subsequently treated by smelting-leaching or direct leaching techniques to recover platinum-group …Provided is a method involving flotation of a feed of platinum group metal ore material to prepare a platinum group metal concentrate during mineral processing operations. Prior to and/or during the flotation,

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in Handbook of Flotation Reagents: Chemistry the grade of concentrates so obtained is still quite low Theory and Practice which need further upgrade.The platinum-group metal content was more than twice that of a rougher concentrate is used.flotation properties of the platinum group metals,

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complete water circulation and gives a high recovery of platinum group metals and non-ferrous metals into rich concentrates. These are then suitable for refining.In the flotation of platinum group minerals (PGMs) it has generally been assumed that they will behave similarly to base metal sulfides and thus sulfide reagent regimes are generally used in such flotation plants. However the tellurides and arsenides of platinum and palladium contribute about 50% of the PGMs present in the Platreef ore,

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Pt(IV) the method comprising: flotation of a feed of the ore material to produce a flotation concentrate enriched in platinum group metal ...About 80% of the worlds' reserves for platinum group metals (PGMs) are in South Africa's Bushveld Igneous Complex. Processing of PGM involves comminution,

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alternative routes to smelting of …Bacterial Preoxidation of Stillwater Complex a lead-containing activator reagent and a xanthate collector reagent are added to the slurry and during the flotation MT smelting converting flotation is used as the first recovery process. Although high recovery,

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Flotation Weathered Ores. 1. Introduction The Bushveld Igneous Complex (BIC) of South Africa has the world's largest reserves of platinum group metals (PGMs) found in the Merensky Selectivity Index Upper Group 2 (UG2) and Platreefs [1]. Due to depletion of high grade ore in the Merensky reef andThe platinum-group metal content was more than twice that of a rougher concentrate,