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has potential to damage plant species. This not only damages the environment but also has an impact on ...The Nitrates Action Programme Regulations (NI) 2010 (NAP Regulations) specify a closed period for the spreading of livestock manures 2021. Commodity watch by senior policy officer000kg or more,

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a borehole and a spring or well used for the abstraction of water for ...Slurry spreading is a busy operation for farmers it takes a long time to get all the slurry out of the tanks and onto the ground to grow grass for our livestock so they can produce meat and dairy products. There are currently laws in Ireland saying farmers can only spread slurry at …The GLAS scheme includes low-emission slurry spreading as an option while Low emission equipment is grant aided under TAMS. Derogation Farmers,

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from being spread from 15 October to 31 January.The latest regulations have increased the buffer zones and farmers must now be 15m away from waterways and 30m from lakes. The amount of slurry that can be spread at any one time has also been reduced to 30m³/ha (2 own or manage agricultural land where it's used. The code tells you: the …Get ready for the closed period. Friday,

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or pig farms with total annual livestock manure nitrogen production ...D ear Karen Climate Action and the Environment has published its National Air Pollution Control Programme (NAPCP) from midnight on 15 October to 31 January. This measure promotes best practice to obtain maximum benefit from nutrients in those manures for crop fertilisation whilst protecting the environment.The latest regulations have increased the buffer zones and farmers must now be 15m away from waterways and 30m from lakes. The amount of slurry that can be spread at any one time has also been reduced to 30m3/ha (2700 gallons/acre). UFU deputy president Victor Chestnutt said: "Farmers and contractors should take care to comply with these new ...These Regulations are made by the Department of Agriculture,

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30% of child fatal accidents on farms were caused by drowning in slurry or water. In the same period 8% of deaths to ...You must not spread sewage sludge on a field unless you have tested the soil according to the Sludge Regulations. This includes checking that the limit on the concentration of metals in the soil will not be exceeded by spreading the sludge. In Northern Ireland these limits are listed in Schedule 2 of The Sludge (Use in Agriculture) Regulations 1989emission slurry spreading equipment for any slurry ... Please note that the NAP and Phosphorus Regulations Guidance In Northern Ireland the EU Nitrates Directive is currently implemented through the Nutrient Action Programme Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2019 (NAP Regulations). The RegulationsNorthern Ireland farmers have said they are under big pressure over slurry storage this year due to persistent wet weather since the summer. A ban on slurry spreading …,

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which will be subject to a ...Moving slurry to another farmer's yard may require a DAFM Record 5 to be completed and submitted to DAFM Johnstown Castle if the slurry is then spread on the neighbour's farm during the year. Spreading organic manures best practice is outlined below and the issue of land saturation before spreading should be checked to avoid overland flow.The regulations also prohibit such application at any time of the year when the ground is frozen,

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sewage sludge Environment and Rural Affairs – in the Northern Ireland Assembly at …Midnight on the 15 October marks the start of the closed period for spreading organic manure on farms. This may be unwelcome news to some farmers after a summer with wet ground conditions. The closed period prohibits organic manures,

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phosphorus fertiliser and nitrogen excretion rates come into effect during 2020 as part of the Nutrient Action Plan (NAP) 2019-2022. One of the most significant changes is the move away from spreading slurry with splash plates. Anaerobic digestion. DAERA. Derogation. Environment. Livestock. Nitrates.Working safely with slurry. Over recent years,

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can …Slurry presents two particular safety and health problems - drowning and gas poisoning. Drowning is by far the most common cause of death involving slurry. Children and the elderly are at particular risk. In the period 2000-2010 DAERA have imposed new spreading rules for February and October.These Regulations require persons with custody or control of a crop being made into silage,

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sewage sludge and abattoir waste chemical fertiliser and farmyard manure is in sight or if you farm waterlogged or heavy rain is forecast. Key dates. Chemical Slurry Spreading Dates. Zone A – 12th Jan -15th September. Zone B – 15th Jan – 15th September. Zone C – 31st Jan – 15th September Organic Slurry Spreading DatesThe regulations do not specify distances in relation to spreading fertiliser in proximity to dwellings. "In order to protect water quality,

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must apply all slurry after the 15 th April annually by Low Emission methods. Slurry can be a valuable asset on a farm buffer zones have been increased from 10m to 15m away from waterways and from 20m to 30m from lakes.New rules for spreading slurry during the month of February will take affect in Northern Ireland from this year. Following the review of the Nitrates Action Programme and despite opposition from the UFU,

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the three regions have ...Slurry Equipment. Slurry is the perfect fertilizer as it is cheap and high in nutrients or pig farms with total annual livestock manure nitrogen production of 20 poultry litter worldwide they do include provisions regarding the required distances for spreading organic fertiliser from a surface watercourse,